Macklemore Fighting His Demons in 'Drug Dealer' Music Video

The rapper whose real name is Ben Haggerty shows his struggle with addiction in a dark haunting music video featuring Ariana Deboo.

AceShowbiz - Macklemore gets personal in a music video supporting his latest single "Drug Dealer" that features Ariana Deboo. The hip-hop star strips down to his birthday suit in shower and curls up in a ball as he raps about substance issues.

The musician whose real name is Ben Haggerty penned "Drug Dealer" with Ryan Lewis for MTV documentary "Prescription for Change: Ending America's Opioid Crisis". The rapper discussed opioid addiction with President Barack Obama.

Macklemore, a proud father of baby girl Sloane, has always been open with his past struggle with addiction. "I have abused prescription drugs and battled addiction," he said during a joint speech with the President on YouTube. "If I hadn't gotten the help I needed when I needed it, I might not be here today. And I want to help others facing the same challenges I did."

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