'Game of Thrones': Gendry Spotted With Tyrion and Davos in This Season 7 Behind-the-Scenes Video

After Peter Dinklage and Liam Cunningham were seen filming a scene together on the beach in Spain, they are now joined by Joe Dempsie who reprises his role as Gendry in the upcoming season.

AceShowbiz - Let all the speculations begin! While we're still reeling from excitement at a possible alliance on "Game of Thrones" season 7 as hinted by the recent sighting of %cPeter Dinklage% (Tyrion Lannister) and %cLiam Cunningham% (Davos Seaworth), it's now confirmed that another returning character is joining the duo.

It was reported on Wednesday, October 19 that %cJoe Dempsie%, who will reprise his role as Gendry after he was last seen in the season 3 finale, had been spotted on the set. And now we've got the proof. Making it more interesting was the fact that Dempsie would share screen with Dinklage and Cunningham.

Captured in a behind-the-scenes video, the filming still took place on Muriola Beach in Barrika, Spain, the same location Dinklage and Cunningham were seen yesterday. They reportedly shot two separate scenes that are probably set in different locations in the storyline.

In the first scene, Tyrion, Davos and Gendry land on shore. In the latter scene, it appears that [SPOILER ALERT!] Davos and Gendry are preparing the boat to leave when two gold cloaks approach. Davos seemingly tries to show them that the boat is empty by pulling back the tarp. He bribes the gold cloaks who then turn to leave, before they see Tyrion.

Possibly suspicious about the famous dwarf, the guards come back. Davos tries to talk to the guards again, but Gendry intervenes by picking up his warhammer and striking the guards down from behind. The three then push the boat offshore and flee the spot.

As it's said before, Tyrion and Davos' encounter also hinted at Daenerys and Jon Snow's first meeting and their possible alliance. %cKit Harington% himself was recently spotted landing in Spain to film the new season of the hit HBO series.

"Game of Thrones" season 7 is expected to premiere in summer 2017.

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