Zayn Malik Left One Direction Because He Wasn't Allowed to Write About Sex

The 'Pillowtalk' hitmaker reveals in his new memoir how his lyrics have changed since quitting the British boyband in 2015.

AceShowbiz - Zayn Malik reveals in his new autobiography "Zayn" that he left One Direction because he wasn't allowed to write lyrics about sex. The "Pillowtalk" hitmaker also opens up about how his lyrics have changed since quitting the British boyband in 2015.

"Every lyric I've ever written has a story behind it. All the hard work that went into the creation of 'Pillowtalk' was worthwhile because, as soon as it was finished, I intuitively felt I was on the right path. It was a sick cut, nailing the exact sound I wanted to capture in my music. I was also able to sing about a subject that I hadn't really been able to go near while I was in One Direction: sex," Zayn explains in an excerpt shared by NME.

He adds, "I'm going to show you as much as I can so that you can judge me on my own terms, not on what the press or anyone else says."

Another excerpt shared by Complex details Zayn's relationship with Grammy Award-winning producer Malay who helped shape his solo debut album "Mind of Mine". "I remember the first time we went into the studio with him, I thought he was a bit of a weirdo," Zayn recalls, "Not in a bad way, I have my fair share of weirdness at times. Malay was just such a strange, unique human being."

He continues, "First off, he started every session by describing some crazy fancy bottle of red wine that he and his buddy Manny (who mixed half my album) were currently 'really into.' I had barely ever drunk red wine before, I'm more of a beer or whisky guy, but Malay somehow got me into drinking wine. I still don't do the swirl it around in the glass thing though - I'll leave that one to him."

Malay, meanwhile, says, "Zayn is a true artist. He's got vision and he's pretty clear about what he wants to do. It also helps that he's really creative - he's always drawing, painting or writing stuff; he's reading all the time, and it comes out in his lyrics. He's just forever exercising that part of his brain, and I'm excited to see where he ends up. This is just the beginning for him. Now that he's getting started, I can only imagine where he's going to be in a few years."

Due out on November 1, Zayn's memoir chronicles his life from childhood to stardom, including his five-year stint in One Direction.

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