'Big Brother' Reveals Season 18 Winner, Announces New Twists for Season 19

Before the jury votes for the winner of the current season, host Julie Chen reveals that viewers, instead of fellow players, will select the winner in the next installment.

AceShowbiz - "Big Brother 18" has crowned its winner. Paul Abrahamian, Nicole Franzel and James Huling were the last three players remaining in the competition in the season finale, but only two of them had a chance to win the grand prize.

The September 21 episode began with the first part of final HoH. Dressing up like cats, they had to chase a laser pointer through giant litter boxes. Paul won and went straight to phase 3, while Nicole and James fought against each other in part 2.

Nicole and James had to race through a "Big Brother" amusement park and take a snapshot featuring cardboard cut-outs of evicted houseguests driving down a makeshift rollercoaster by hitting a button at the right time. After that, they had to answer a question. The first to get three right answers won. Nicole was way faster than James, and went to phase 3.

For the final part, Paul and Nicole had to answer 8 questions based on statements made by the jurors. Paul defeated Nicole and got a spot in the final two. He also had the power to choose whom he would take to the final two.

Paul chose to eliminate James and take Nicole, one of the strongest players, to the final two with him. James wasn't sure if Paul made the smart move, but Paul was confident that he would beat her. After answering some questions from the jury, Paul and Nicole delivered their speeches.

Paul pointed out how he was always targeted by other players and got nominated six times, but he managed to survive by teaming up with the right people. He also boasted about winning most of the games. Nicole admitted that Paul's speech was good, but she said that she used strategy to survive.

The jury was split, but Nicole narrowly beat Paul with 5-4 votes. She became the first woman to defeat a man in the final two in the show's history and took home the $500,00 prize.

Victor Arroyo, meanwhile, was picked as America's Favorite Houseguest and took home $25,000.

Also during the live finale, host %cJulie Chen% announced several twists for the next season. Titled "Big Brother: Over the Top", it will mark the first time viewers will choose the winner. Audience will also get to vote for one of two former players to join the next season: either Jason Roy from season 17 or Jozea Flores from season 18.

Viewers will also be able to watch all activities inside the house for the first time through CBS All Access subscription service.

The new season will premiere on CBS All Access next Wednesday, September 28 at 10 P.M. ET.

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