Watch Beck's Surreal Music Video for 'Wow'

The video features cameos from Beck's children Cosimo and Tuesday as well as some visual artists like Sam Cannon, Randy Cano, Andy Gregg, David McLeod, John McLaughlin, Jess Rona and Steve Smith.

AceShowbiz - %cBeck% releases a surreal music video for his song "Wow". Directed by Beck and Grady Hall, the video features cameos from the singer's children Cosimo and Tuesday as well as some visual artists like %cSam Cannon%, %cRandy Cano%, %cAndy Gregg%, %cDavid McLeod%, %cJohn McLaughlin%, %cJess Rona% and %cSteve Smith%.

The video shows Beck performing his signature herky-jerky moves on a street corner, Western scenes with rugged cowboys, slow-motion dance routines from his kids, flowers with eyeballs, 1980s 8-bit graphics and a weird dude sitting in traffic with smoke pouring out of his eye sockets.

"It's my life, your life/ Live it once, can't live it twice/ So nice, so nice/ Song's like a tidal wave, take you on a getaway/ My friends, your friends/ Love 'em every day like it's just about to end/ Now we're pissin' in the wind cause it's so pine fresh/ Right now/ Yeah I, I wanna get it like," he sings, "Wow! It's like right now/ It's like wow! It's like/ Giddy up! Wow! It's like right now/ Wow! Oh wow, it's like right now."

"Wow" marks Beck's first new song since his 2014 album "Morning Phase". The song will be featured on his forthcoming 13th album which is due out on October 21 via Capitol Records. The "Loser" hitmaker, who also worked with %cLady GaGa% on her upcoming album, will embark on a short North American tour beginning September 15 in New Orleans.

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