'Game of Thrones': Get Details of the Greyjoys' Storylines in Season 7

Details of some characters' story arcs are revealed as filming of scenes involving Theon and Yara take place this week.

AceShowbiz - "Game of Thrones" crew and cast may always keep everything hush-hush during the production, but you can always count on some fan sites for tidbits about the next season. Most recently, Watchers on the Wall claims to have learned of details about the Greyjoys' storylines.

[SPOILER ALERT!] According to the site, filming this week centers around Yara and Theon who are "engaging in battle at sea," possibly against their uncle Euron. It's also said that Euron will team up with Queen Cersei and he will capture either Theon or Yara. Euron will additionally kill at least one of the Sand Snakes.

When we last saw Euron Greyjoy, he wanted to build ships and propose a marriage to Daenerys. But Theon and Yara got ahead of him and offered a deal with Dany first, and the Mother of Dragons appeared to be interested in making an alliance with them.

Dany, however, has her own mission and is heading to King's Landing. Previous report said that Dany would visit the Dragonpit on a hill in King's Landing, meaning she will arrive at her destination in season 7.

The new season will not air until summer 2017, later than its usual spring premiere, and will only consist of seven episodes. %cJim Broadbent% has been cast in a "significant" role. As for rumor regarding %cAngela Lansbury%'s casting, it has been denied by the actress' team.

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