Stephen Colbert Mocks Ryan Lochte's Robbery Claims, Spoofs His Interview With Matt Lauer

Stephen Colbert Mocks Ryan Lochte's Robbery Claims, Spoofs His Interview With Matt Lauer

The 32-year-old American swimmer repeatedly says he was 'intoxicated' to justify him giving the wrong description of what happened the night he claimed he was robbed in Rio.
Just when talks about Ryan Lochte's false robbery claims in Rio had died down, Stephen Colbert brought up the topic again. The "Late Show" host took on the incident in the Monday episode of his talk show, airing his "exclusive" interview with the 12-time Olympic medalist.

The fake interview was actually an edited version of Lochte's interview with Matt Lauer which aired on "Today" earlier the same day. "What's it been like for you since this scandal about your alleged robbery in Rio broke?" Colbert asked the disgraced swimmer.

"I mean, since everything that's happened, I've kind of been laying low," Lochte answered. Colbert quipped, "You want to lay low, television is the best place to do that." Asked about his claims that he was robbed at gunpoint at a gas station in Rio, the athlete said, "That didn't happen. And that's why I over-exaggerated that part."

Colbert then pointed out, " 'That part?' Okay, here's the thing: 'That part' is really the whole part. Without a gun cocked to your forehead, it's really just a story about some guys urinating on a gas station. How could you get that so wrong?"

Lochte responded, "I was intoxicated." Colbert further grilled him, "But on Sunday, after you told that story to Billy Bush, it was hours after the incident." Lochte repeatedly said he was "intoxicated" during the interview to explain his fake claims about incident.

So Colbert asked him one last question, which was what people could expect from him if he isn't banned from the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. His response was "intoxicated" as well.

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