Judd Apatow and Mike Birbiglia Slam MPAA for 'Suicide Squad' PG-13 Rating Despite Violent Content

The Motion Picture Association of America is called out for its double standard following the release of the DC antihero movie.

AceShowbiz - The Motion Picture Association of America took the heat for granting PG-13 rating to "Suicide Squad" despite its dark and violent content. Directors Judd Apatow and Mike Birbiglia called out the MPAA for undermining the violence in the DC antihero movie.

It was Birbiglia who first voiced his thoughts. The "Don't Think Twice" director ranted on Twitter, "Suicide Squad has machine gun killings and bombings and got a PG-13 rating. @Dontthinkmovie gets an R because adults smoke pot. Confusing?"

Apatow chimed in, "Studios own the ratings board. Violence sells so they make pot and sex the scary thing so they seem caring." Birbiglia responded, "That makes a lot of sense and is insane." In a deleted post, the helmer added, "F**k the MPAA."

"Suicide Squad" has been panned by critics. But instead of being put off, people seemed to be more intrigue to see the movie. Despite the negative reviews followed with Rotten Tomatoes drama, it is on track to open big at the box office.

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