Nick Jonas Offered $2 Million to Perform at RNC

The 'Close' singer is asked by Republicans to sing at an 'All Lives Matter' concert in Cleveland following their national convention.

AceShowbiz - %cJustin Bieber% was not the only big star eyed by GOP to lure in young people. %cNick Jonas% was also reportedly offered a big sum to sing at Republican National Convention. Rumor has it, he was offered $2 million for the gig.

According to TMZ, the former %cJonas Brothers% member was asked to perform at an "All Lives Matter" event in Cleveland on July 24. It was reportedly a free concert as a thank-you to the people of Cleveland for hosting the GOP event.

The money Nick would receive came from a "private donor," but the 23-year-old singer turned it down because he was already booked for other event. The former Disney star was scheduled to appear at a Roc Nation event in New York City.

Justin Bieber also rejected the Republicans. He was offered a whopping $5 million. While he didn't have to endorse %cDonald Trump%, he was banned from saying anything negative about him. He was also encouraged to preach about "All Lives Matter".

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