Justin Bieber's 'Cold Water' Feat. Major Lazer and MO Leaks Online

The song, which is expected to be on Major's new album, has emerged online following its radio premiere in multiple international markets.

AceShowbiz - Another %cJustin Bieber%'s new song has leaked online. Following the leak of his %cDJ Snake% collab "Let Me Love You", his other collab with %cMajor Lazer% and %cMO% called "Cold Water" has surfaced online following its radio premiere in multiple international markets.

Some fans share the full audio of "Cold Water" on Twitter. "If you feel you're sinking/ I will jump right over into cold, cold water for you," Justin sings alongside MO, "And although time may take us to different places/ I will still be patient with you/ And I want you to know."

"Cold Water" is expected to hit digital retailers and streaming services on Friday, July 22.

Justin has been teasing fans about the song on Twitter.

In an interview with MTV U.K., MO says, "['Cold Water'] was a bit different - it's %cEd Sheeran% and %cBenny Blanco% who were writing it with those guys and Justin Bieber singing it, and then I co-wrote the parts where I sing. We were not all in the studio together. I was in the studio with the Major Lazer team and at that point they already had most of the song written."

"It's really good," she adds, "Actually the first time their people sent it to me I started to cry a little bit because I thought it was so...it's like so powerful and strong but at the same time it's like emotional...you can hear the great songwriting in it but at the same time it has the cool vibes of Major Lazer...can I say all these things?"

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