'Inferno' Full Teaser Trailer Is Here. Can Robert Langdon Save Humanity?

Ben Foster's villainous character Bertrand Zobrist, meanwhile, is featured in the international version of the first teaser trailer for the thriller.

AceShowbiz - The first teaser trailer for an adaptation of Dan Brown's novel "Inferno" has been released in full as promised. It shows Tom Hanks' symbologist character Robert Langdon, who tries to solve a mystery behind a famous piece of art or literature, Dante's "Inferno".

With Felicity Jones' Dr. Sienna Brooks, he must unlock the secret behind the clues left by Ben Foster's Bertrand Zobrist to prevent a global catastrophe. "Now is the time, today is our rebirth," says Zobrist who is featured in an international version of the teaser.

The international teaser also shares a glimpse of other characters, such as Irrfan Khan's Harry Sims/The Provost, Omar Sy's Christoph Bruder and Sidse Babett Knudsen's Dr. Elizabeth Sinskey.

Directed by Ron Howard, the third installment of Robert Langdon movie series is mainly set in Italy. The thriller will open in theaters across the nation on October 28.

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