Jennifer Lopez Quotes Hillary Clinton in 'Ain't Your Mama' Music Video

J.Lo spreads a message about female empowerment in her newest music video which includes the Democratic presidential candidate's 1995 iconic speech.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lopez takes a stand for women in a music video for her latest single "Ain't Your Mama". She plays several different characters including a housewife, factory worker, secretary, news anchor and businesswoman, and expresses her frustration toward her male counterparts.

The video opens with J.Lo having a heated argument on a phone, "I'm tired. I've been working all day." Hillary Clinton's "Women's Rights Are Human Rights" speech is heard on the background as she says to the camera, "Look, I don't have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. Taken for granted, ignored, overlooked, underappreciated. We have a big, big problem, ladies."

J.Lo wears numerous designer outfits. She even rocks boots by Rihanna for Manolo Blahnik, which was gifted to her by RiRi herself, in the last scene where she leads her fierce female troop for a dance invasion on the street. "Ain't Your Mama" written by Meghan Trainor was recorded for J.Lo's next studio installment.

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