Birdman Denies He's the Reason Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter V' Isn't Out Yet

The Cash Money boss says he didn't delay the album, which was originally planned for release in 2014 but has yet to see the light of day, because he had no reason to.

AceShowbiz - It's been more than a year now since Lil Wayne started feuding with Birdman over his album "Tha Carter V". Back in late 2014, the rapper publicly called out the Cash Money boss on Twitter and accused him of indefinitely delaying the record.

Birdman finally opened up about his issue with his "son" Wayne in a new interview on Hot 97. "I think it's more of a misunderstanding than money issue," he told the "Ebro in the Morning" hosts. "If you knew me you'd know I always gave Wayne anything and everything he always wanted."

He went on denying allegations that he's the one refusing to release the album. "Me not putting out 'Tha Carter V', why wouldn't I? I've got a lot of money invested into Young Money and Wayne. So for me, I want to get some of mine's back, you understand me?" he said. "I think the world deserve 'Tha Carter V'."

Birdman added that he would never interfere with Wayne's creativity. "Whatever he wanna do, I'm good with it. I ain't gonna stop him, I'm gonna embrace it. Wayne is his own boss. I would never stop him from doing nothing. He's still puttin' out records - I could stop that s**t if I wanted to, but I ain't gonna stop him from hustlin'," he explained. "We in this for the money, man. We rap for the money."

He admitted that his relationship with Wayne changed following the public fallout that includes the ongoing $51 million lawsuit. However, he still considered the Young Money leader his son and wanted to be part of his life "any kind of way possible." He said, "That's important to me 'cause I'm a family man. I'm not gonna let this music or this money ever interfere with how I feel about my son. I love him and I'ma do, we gonna figure it out, guaranteed."

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