The Game Once Planned a Collaboration With Prince and This Is Why It Never Happened

The rapper reveals that he almost got Prince on a song, which the Purple One eventually turned down because it contained one curse word.

AceShowbiz - A collaboration between %cThe Game% and %cPrince% was so close to happening. The rapper revealed in a new chat with TMZ that he once tried to have the Purple One featured on one song which the late singer eventually turned down because of one word he, as a devout Jehovah's Witness, couldn't agree with.

"I wanted to get him on a song. He was down to do the song so we met at Doug Morris' office at Universal a few years back," Game told the site. "[Prince] heard the song and there was one curse word in it. He was like, 'I can't get on that. It has a curse word in it.' "

In the end, Game chose to keep the curse word and lose his chance to work with Prince, but he's not mad about their failed collaboration. "He was with it but that's the evolution of people in their lives," he shared. "You get older wiser and Prince became a Jehovah's Witness and he cut out all that. We didn't do the song 'cause I needed that curse word."

Prince died at his Paisley Park Studios apartment on Thursday, April 21. Following his shocking death, he ruled this week's Billboard 200 with three of his albums, including "Best of Prince" (No. 1), "Purple Rain" (No. 2) and "The Hits/The B-Sides" (No. 6). Industry forecasters have predicted that two other Prince albums, "Ultimate" and "1999", may join the three titles in the chart's top 10 next week.

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