Ellen Pompeo: 'Grey's Anatomy' Is 'Doing Very Well' After Patrick Dempsey's Exit

The Meredith Grey depicter jokes about her co-star's departure from the medical drama show, 'It's amazing how much you get done without a penis.'

AceShowbiz - Ellen Pompeo talks about Patrick Dempsey's departure from "Grey's Anatomy" during her visit to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". The Meredith Grey depicter says, "We miss him dearly, but yeah, the show is doing very well."

"That's amazing. And everybody thought because Patrick was leaving that it wouldn't do well, but it's doing very well," the 46-year-old actress continues before jokingly adding, "It's amazing how much you get done without a penis."

"It's not the last season," she assures fans. "I think a lot of people were really upset about his departure, which is super-understandable, but I think the change is part of the reason why the show goes on so long."

"I think people tune in to see, 'What does the show look like now? What is Meredith going to do without Derek?' I think they get so upset about the change, but change is precisely what everyone always needs to sort of get to the next place."

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