'Sleepy Hollow' Star Exits the Show, Confirms Character's Fate

In a deadly twist, one regular character becomes a casualty as Abbie and Crane try to stop the Hidden One.

AceShowbiz - A "Sleepy Hollow" resident is leaving the show. %cZach Appelman% has confirmed his departure from the FOX drama following the Friday, April 1 episode that suggests [SPOILER ALERT!] his character Joe Corbin has met his end.

Appelman took to Twitter to bid farewell to his co-star %cLyndie Greenwood% after the East Coast airing. "Last day on set with the best co-star a guy could ask for. Gonna miss this one," so he captioned a picture of him and Greenwood embracing each other on the set.

In the latest episode titled "Delaware", Joe was turned into his wendigo form during a confrontation with the Hidden One. Jenny's father Ezra suggested a spell to turn Joe back, but it didn't work. When Joe set his sights on Ezra, Jenny was forced to shoot her boyfriend before he mauled her father.

Appelman tells EW that his character's indeed "dead," but doesn't rule out a possibility of him returning. "It's 'Sleepy Hollow', so there's always a chance. There's always a chance of flashbacks, and there's always a chance of ghosts and spirits," he says.

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