Brandy Suing Record Label for Allegedly Not Letting Her Release New Music

The R'n'B singer claims Chameleon hasn't allowed her to record and release new music since 2012's 'Two Eleven' because they want to get her sign a new deal with them.

AceShowbiz - Brandy is the next singer demanding to be released from contract with her record label. The R&B diva has filed a lawsuit against Chameleon Entertainment Group in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming the company's refused to let her record or release new music.

The suit states that Brandy joined Chameleon in 2011 and dropped her album "Two Eleven" via the label in 2012. Her deal gave Chameleon the option to release four more records by the singer, but she says they refuse to allow her to record a new album. The company's refusal is allegedly an attempt to get her to sign a new deal with them.

In her suit, Brandy mentions that she has terminated her contract with Chameleon and now wants a judge to rule that the terms are void. Additionally, she is reportedly seeking $1 million in damages. Chameleon hasn't responded to the suit yet.

Following the release of "Two Eleven", Brandy made a return to acting, appearing on some TV shows like Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva". Earlier this year, she surprised her fans with a new single called "Beggin and Pleadin" that she put out via her own imprint, Slayana Records.

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