See Gina Carano's Angel Dust Beat Out Colossus in 'Deadpool' New TV Spot

The newly-released TV spot also shows some other action scenes such as when Deadpool defeats three enemies with a blast he refers to as a 'money shot.'

AceShowbiz - 20th Century Fox has released a new TV spot for its upcoming anti-hero movie "Deadpool". The newly-released video shows some of the film's action scenes, including the one that shows %cGina Carano%'s Angle Dust fighting %cStefan Kapicic%'s Colossus.

The 33-second video opens with %cRyan Reynolds%' Wade Wilson offered to undergo an experiment that can heal his cancer. What becomes the highlight of the video is when Dust faces off against Colossus and manages to flip over the villainous metal creature to the ground.

Elsewhere, there are %cBrianna Hildebrand%'s Negasonic Teenage Warhead showing her superpower, Deadpool taking down three enemies with a blast he refers to as a "money shot" and %cT.J. Miller%'s Weasel's hilarious reaction to Wilson's scarred face.

"Deadpool" was already shown to some groups of movie fans at special screenings in New York and Los Angeles on January 18. The movie earned rave reviews from fans with one of them claiming that it was "amazing." One of the audiences took to Twitter to give compliments after watching the movie, "Just saw early screening of Deadpool. The movie is f**king amazing. Everything I was hoping for from the Merc with a Mouth! #deadpool. And like all marvel movies, make sure you wait for the tag at the end of the credits! Self aware and referential, perfect Deadpool."

Directed by Tim Miller, the movie is scheduled to be released in theaters across the nation on February 12.

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