Deadpool Promises Fans Love Story in New Promotional Video

'This is actually - lucky you - a love story,' the red-suited hero promises at the beginning of the video before it shows some footage from the upcoming movie.

AceShowbiz - After several times promoting "Deadpool" in ridiculous and raunchy ways, the Merc With a Mouth has tried another strategy to grab female audience's attention. He uses his romantic side to drum up excitement as he promises fans a love story.

The red-suited hero lays his body on a sofa with a red rose on his hand, seducing fans while saying, "Oh, hello, you're probably thinking, 'my boyfriend said this was a superhero movie.' Well, surprise, this is actually - lucky you - a love story."

The video then continues showing some footage from the movie. Just like what Deadpool (%cRyan Reynolds%) says, there are some scenes which indicate that his relationship with Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle a.k.a. Copycat (%cMorena Baccarin%) in the movie will play a big role. There is a glimpse of Vanessa being kidnaped by Ajax (%cEd Skrein%). The video ends with the foul-mouthed hero stretching his legs right in front of the camera as he says, "Oh that's good," while sniffing the rose.

"Deadpool" tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who agrees to become the subject of a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers. He later uses his abilities as Deadpool to fight against criminals in town. Reynolds is joined by the likes of %cT.J. Miller%, %cGina Carano% and %cBrianna Hildebrand% in the cast. Directed by Tim Miller, the movie is scheduled to open in the U.S. on February 12.

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