Sylvester Stallone Says 'Creed 2' May Bring Back Apollo Creed

The 69-year-old actor also reveals some possible storylines for the sequel, saying that the proposed movie may go 'forward and backward.'

AceShowbiz - Having grossed an impressive $103 million at the U.S. box office, "Creed" was considered a smash hit and it's not too surprising if the team behind the movie has a plan to make a sequel. MGM CEO Gary Barber confirms to Variety, "There's no doubt that we're making a 'Creed 2'."

Though Michael B. Jordan has confirmed that he will return as Adonis, it's not clear if director Ryan Coogler will be back at the helm. "I know Ryan is probably going to be gone for a couple years," Sylvester Stallone says in an interview for the magazine's cover story. "So there will be a quandary on: Do we work with another director and have Ryan produce, or do we wait? There's a diminishing time acceptance of a sequel. Now they are cranking them out in a year."

In the interview, Stallone lets several information slip, including some potential story ideas for the sequel, where he will reprise his role as Rocky Balboa. He says that one version of the story will possibly take place in the past, which means it will bring back Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed, who died in 1985's "Rocky IV".

"Ryan has some ideas of going forward and backward and actually seeing Rocky and Apollo together," Stallone reveals. "Think of 'The Godfather 2'. That's what he was thinking of, which was kind of ambitious." Stallone says he'd recently met Weathers, whose physique still looks good, before adding, "I can't believe I got in the ring with him. Even if it was play fighting."

According to Stallone, another potential story will be about Apollo's son Adonis, who is taking on a new foe. "You'll have him face a different opponent, which I would say is a more ferocious, big Russian," Stallone states.

The 69-year-old actor also talks about the possibility of returning as gunslinger Rambo. He says that he's done playing the character and will not return for the fifth film, "Rambo V: The Savage Hunt". Stallone reveals that even though "the heart's willing, but the body says, 'Stay home!' " "It's like fighters that go back for one last round and get clobbered. Leave it to someone else," he stresses.

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