'The Amazing Race 27' Finale Recap: A Couple Wins, Thanks to Taxi Snafu

'The Amazing Race 27' Finale Recap: A Couple Wins, Thanks to Taxi Snafu

The tables turn in the final leg of the competition as a strong team is no longer leading the race after their cab has driven off.
"The Amazing Race 27" has reached the end of the trip in the season finale that aired on Friday, December 11. As always, the final leg brought the remaining contestants back to the U.S. The final three teams, Kelsey & Joey, Justin & Diana and Logan & Chris, boarded a plane from Hong Kong to New York City.

The Green Team (Justin & Diana), who had won a lot of prizes in the previous legs, started in the last place, but they might have been able to catch up had it not been because of a taxi. Before that moment which determined the end of the race, all three teams took cabs to a training ground for firemen on Long Island. There, they had to complete memory puzzle, which involved putting the capital of each country they visited in chronological order.

After they completed the challenge, Justin & Diana and Logan & Chris found out that their cabs had driven off and only Kelsey & Joey's taxi remained at the training camp. Stranded on Long Island, Justin & Diana and Logan & Chris boarded a bus to Manhattan and hailed a taxi once there.

Kelsey & Joey arrived at the next destination first and began the challenge, in which they had to construct Adirondack chairs and place them in the proper order. They remained on the lead as they flew via helicopter to the Hamptons, drove a Sea-Doo through the ocean, pulled up lobster pots from the sea, organized the flags of each country they visited and drove a dune buggy across the beach.

They arrived at the last pit stop in Southampton first and met host Phil Keoghan, who declared them as the winners. "The very first thing for us is get a place together, to move in together," Joey said of what he wanted to do with the prize money. "And I want to pay off my parents' house."

Justin and Diana came in second place, while Logan & Chris finished in the third place.

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