'Anchorman 3' May Send Ron Burgundy to Internet Era

Director Adam McKay shared some possible ideas for the third 'Anchorman' movie, saying that it might embed the main character in the Iraq War as he lives in the internet age.

AceShowbiz - When "Anchorman: The Legend Continues" hit theaters in 2013, writer director Adam McKay said he wouldn't make another follow-up. However, there is still a possibility for a sequel to happen as McKay has shared some ideas for a potential "Anchorman 3" plot.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies to talk about his new film, "The Big Short", McKay was asked what a third "Anchorman" would be about. "That was what we kind of talked about. We talked about doing one that was about the rise of the new media," the director answered.

He also pointed out that in the possible follow-up, leading man Ron Burgundy (%cWill Ferrell%) might embark on a massive war. "I also thought there was something to the idea - and who knows, maybe we will do one some day - I also thought it'd be cool to have Ron Burgundy get embedded in the Iraq War," McKay said. "We kicked around that idea. But we've never got that serious about it, but it would have to be the next stage of what the media has become."

McKay also stated that Burgundy might face a new threat: internet. "And I think you're right, I think it's the Internet. The only thing is by then Burgundy would be getting pretty old. So maybe it's a movie we make in 10 years, when Will's aged up and it actually makes sense that you can set it in 1997 or '98," he explained.

Although McKay had previously declared that there wouldn't be a third movie, the director seemed to change his mind as he told Collider months later that there was always be a possibility. "I said about a month ago that we'd never do a third one, and I realized that was a little too harsh because the truth is, I really don't know," McKay said. "With these movies, you really don't know how they've played until about two years after they come out, when people see them on repeat viewing. That tends to be how our movies work."

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