Lupe Fiasco Allegedly Bails Out on Salt Lake City Show due to 2013 Tomato Incident

The rapper's January 22 show at The Complex ends up being canceled after he allegedly said the city didn't deserve another performance.

AceShowbiz - Lupe Fiasco sure doesn't forgive easily. As you may remember, he got super pissed after a fan threw a tomato at him, prompting him to cut short one gig in Salt Late City back in 2013. He seemed to give the city another chance when The Complex recently announced that the rapper would perform there next January.

However, SLC fans expecting to see him were left disappointed when The Complex said the show was canceled. "Fiasco is refusing to perform in SLC. 2 weeks after our show date here at The Complex was confirmed, Lupe informed his management that his fans in SLC are not deserving of another performance," read a message posted on the venue's website on Monday, November 30.

They added that the cancellation stemmed from the tomato incident. "We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and are truly disappointed in Lupe's decision to not perform for his fans in SLC," they later apologized.

Responding to the message, Lupe said on Twitter that some claims The Complex made were untrue. "Didn't say that...the promoter being a f**k boy...," he wrote, replying to a fan who showed him the announcement. He told another disappointed fan that "the booking agent booked with out my knowledge." He also made it clear that he loved his SLC fans, but he would never perform there again.

Fiasco's SLC show was scheduled for January 22, 2016. Fans who already have tickets to the gig are asked to "return to the point of purchase for a refund."

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