M.I.A. Voices Her Support for Refugees in 'Borders' Music Video

M.I.A. joins refugees in the politically-charged music video she dedicates to her uncle.

AceShowbiz - M.I.A. releases a politically-charged music video for her single called "Borders". The singer sings her song while in the background a number of refugees are fleeing their home countries. They are walking through the dessert, climbing tall fences with barbed wires, and crowding small boats.

"Your values, what's up with that? / Your beliefs, what's up with that?/ Your families, what's up with that?" some of her lyrics say. "Guns blow doors to the system / Yeah f*ck 'em when we say we're not with them / We're solid and we don't need to kick them / This is North, South, East and Western."

"I want to dedicate this video to my uncle Bala, my icon and role model. One of the first Tamil migrants to come to the U.K. in the 60s who went to inspire so many people as a creative, daring man with so much swag that everything I do doesn't even touch his sides," she says. "Thank you for helping my family come to England and taking us out of Sri Lanka and saving us. Everything I became was to say thank you to you!"

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