Surprise! Anthony Mackie Reveals His Wife Gave Birth to Their Third Child

The Falcon of 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' lets it slip that he has just welcomed a third child to his growing family.

AceShowbiz - Anthony Mackie is now a father of three. The Falcon of Marvel Cinematic Universe broke the surprise news in an interview with Los Angeles Times to promote his holiday movie "The Night Before", saying that his wife Sheletta Chapital recently delivered their third child.

"I recently had my third kid, and it just messed up everything that was my reality. It just changes your entire perspective on the world," the actor opened up before jokingly moaning about the added expenses for the family trip, "Even traveling is an issue now - I've got to buy five tickets!"

The 37-year-old star continued, "I look at my parents - they had six kids. I always wondered why we never took vacations further than Florida or the Gulf Coast - it's like, 'Oh, because they couldn't afford eight plane tickets, so you just put all the kids in the Lincoln and drive to Florida!' "

Mackie didn't reveal the gender or the name of his newborn, but he did talk about how expensive it was for a family to go to cinema. "I wish there was a way that more families could afford the opportunity of getting together and going to the movies," he said to Collider in a separate interview.

"Movies have become so expensive now. If two parents take two kids to the movies, and they get popcorn and soda, you're out 100 bucks. It's really expensive. So, I wish there was a way that we could make it more family-friendly. It's frustrating, the amount of kids that aren't able to see it because they simply can't afford it."

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