Kevin Hart Threw Fan's Phone When He's Caught in Scuffle in Strip Club

The 36-year-old actor was clearly unhappy with a fan filming the incident outside Canadian strip club Quebec's Le Pigale so he grabbed the fan's cell phone and threw it away.

AceShowbiz - %cKevin Hart% and his bodyguards were caught in a scuffle with security at Canadian strip club Quebec's Le Pigale over the weekend, TMZ reported. In a video obtained by the website, the incident ended pretty bad as the comedian threw someone's phone among the crowd.

The incident happened when Kevin and his bodyguards were leaving the club. They seemingly pushed through the crowd to make their exit. The security at the strip club was clearly unhappy with their action. The security then pushed them back.

Their scuffle ended up in the street where Kevin's car was waiting for him. A lot of people rushed around his car. Some of them took time to film the incident. The 36-year-old actor apparently didn't like a fan filming the incident. Kevin could be seen in the video grabbing the cell phone and throwing it away.

At the end of the video, there was a lady approaching Kevin's car. According to the website, she was a waitress who got stiffed by the actor. Kevin reportedly hadn't paid the $65 bill. The annoyed waitress knocked his car's window but there was no response. The car left the scene instead and the waitress walked back without receiving the money.

Meanwhile, the strip club manager said Kevin's a good guy. Of what Kevin did at the club, the manager said it was just misunderstanding and the actor would cover the bill.

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