New 'Twilight' Novel Swaps Genders, Introduces Beau and Edythe

Stephenie Meyer announces a 'Twilight' re-imagining called 'Life and Death' which is released as a bonus for the book's 10th anniversary.

AceShowbiz - Stephenie Meyer announced a new "Twilight" novel during a visit to "Good Morning America". A book called "Life and Death" has been published to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the vampire romance drama. Instead of continuing Edward and Bella's tale, she swaps the genders of the original main characters.

The author explained that she decided to swap the genders because of the critics who called Bella a typical damsel in distress. "What if we switched it around a bit and see how a boy does,' and, you know, it's about the same," so she said. "So I thought to myself, 'Well, what if I put that theory to the test? That might be fun.' "

Meyer also disagreed with readers who claimed Bella was "too consumed with her love interest, as if that's somehow just a girl thing." She said, "Bella is a 'human in distress,' a normal human being surrounded on all sides by people who are basically superheroes and villains. I've always maintained that it would have made no difference if the human were male and vampire female."

The new novel revolves around Beau and Edythe. "The further you get in, the more it changes because the personalities get a little bit different, but it starts out very similar and really, it really is the same story because it's just a love story and it doesn't matter who's the boy and who's the girl, it still works out," she explained.

"I wonder if it will change how people look at Bella a little bit, to see her as him," the writer added. "I do feel like it's really very much the same thing so I guess my hope is that maybe the younger readers will be reintroduced because a lot of my readers, you know, they're all 10 years older now and so there's a whole new generation."

Reimagining Edward and Bella's story was "really fast and easy" for her to do. Asked if there would be a whole series for the new book, she replied, "I think that this is just one version with Beau." She also didn't think there would be a movie adaptation for it. "I don't really see that happening and a lot of the people I'd put in it would be like Grace Kelly so it's a little too late for some of my first choices."

Before the "Life and Death" was released, Stephenie Meyer worked on a book called "Midnight Sun" which told the original story from Edward's point of view. The project was, however, scrapped after the manuscript leaked online.

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