'Terminator' Sequels Are on Indefinite Hold

The next installments of the cyborg movie franchise are on hold indefinitely reportedly due to financial problem.

AceShowbiz - The latest "Terminator" movie, "Terminator Genisys", didn't perform quite well at the domestic box office this past summer. Although it grossed big globally, it seems like fans won't be able to see one or more follow-ups anytime soon as rumors say that the future sequels are on hold indefinitely.

"Terminator Genysis" was reported to serve as the first installment of a new trilogy and the film certainly brought some hopes for fans to see more follow-up movies. The possibilities to make more sequels increased as "Genysis" performance in international market was adorable. Although the movie has garnered more than $440 million at worldwide box office against a budget of $155 million, Paramount and Skydance reportedly suffered from a major financial problem.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke and Emilia Clarke, still will lose money. The site's sources say the notion of a "Terminator" universe is on hold indefinitely because the studios didn't make any money.

That doesn't mean that the franchise is dead, but fans probably have to wait longer than they expected. The original plan was to shoot "Terminator 6" and "Terminator 7" immediately, so that those two movies could be released in 2017 and 2018 respectively, because the rights to the franchise revert back to James Cameron in 2019.

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