Matthew McConaughey Stars in New Lincoln MKX Ads

The suave 'Lincoln Lawyer' star appears in Gus Van Sant-directed commercials about arriving at a poker game and leaving with the 'feeling.'

AceShowbiz - %cMatthew McConaughey% pitches the new redesigned MKX crossover in three 30-second ads directed by Gus Van Sant. Lincoln Motor Company unveiled the ad to air starting this weekend during ABC's "Sunday Night Football".

The campaign for the new ride is comprised of three parts - Welcome, Arrival and Winning Hand. The first part sees him getting ready and driving off in the MKX, the second shows him enjoying the car's audio system and arriving at the mansion while the third captures his smiling after winning the poker game with friends. The ads end with the tagline "The feeling stays with you."

"What appeals to me about this new series of ads is that while the overall Lincoln message remains consistent, the way it is delivered continues to evolve," McConaughey said in a statement released by Lincoln. "It's exciting to have the freedom to explore and create new narratives."

"The natural, collaborative storytelling process between Matthew McConaughey and Gus Van Sant shines through," Jon Pearce, global chief creative officer of the agency behind the ads, Hudson Rouge, said. "Just as Matthew discovers in these spots, the all-new Lincoln MKX creates a feeling that sets the tone for a whole range of possibilities."

McConaughey had previously appeared in Lincoln's other commercials to promote Lincoln MKC and MKZ series. Unlike in the new MKX ads, McConaughey had words to read.

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