Report: Jennifer Lopez Relies on Database to Choose Her Outfits

The 'Booty' hitmaker reportedly has 'internal barcode system on all of her closets' to digitally keep track on everything she wears so she doesn't repeat her outfits.

AceShowbiz - %cJennifer Lopez% reportedly relies on database to help her picking her everyday outfits. A source tells [email protected] that the "On the Floor" hitmaker has a hi-tech system to remember everything she wears so she doesn't wear the same outfit twice.

"She had her feet up at a meeting, and someone noticed that she had a bar code on her shoe and asked her if she borrowed them," the source claims, "Jennifer laughed and said no, that she has her own internal bar code system on all of her closets to digitally keep track of what she wore and when she wore it, so that she isn't caught wearing the same thing twice."

According to the source, all J.Lo's clothes "have a tag inside with a code that's scanned into a database, which pulls up a picture and description of each item, including size, color and date it was last worn." The "I Luh Ya Papi" singer also allegedly has a database of paparazzi pictures of her wearing the items.

"She has a full-time staffer in charge of just her clothing," the source explains. "She takes her fashion very seriously. She never wants to be caught accidentally in the same thing twice. When she chooses to wear something more than once, it's intentional."

J.Lo's three-room closet in New York reportedly looks like "Barneys" with some "historic" outfits placed on mannequins behind glass. "Clothes are a huge part of her success," adds the source.

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