Fetty Wap Injures Two Fans in Stage Dive at Billboard Hot 100 Fest

Two girls in the audience had their legs trapped under a metal fence after the rapper jumped off the stage into the crowd during his set at the festival over the weekend.

AceShowbiz - Two fans got injured while %cFetty Wap% was performing at the inagural Billboard Hot 100 Fest. Two girls in the audience were hurt after the rapper took a stage dive during his set at the event taking place at Jones Beach over the weekend.

Newsday reported that Wap jumped off the 5-foot-tall stage into the audience during the last song of his 30-minute performance. When he landed in the crowd, the two girls ended up having their legs trapped under a metal fence set up as a barrier between the stage and the festivalgoers.

The girls immediately received medical attention. They had their injuries treated with ice packs and bandages behind the stage. Meanwhile, Wap who emerged unscathed from the crowd returned to the stage to finish the show. He apologized for the incident in front of about 1,000 fans before continuing the last song in his setlist.

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