Katy Perry Reportedly Readying Taylor Swift Diss Song 'Crocodile Tears'

According to a tabloid report, Perry has worked with Diplo to create the track that's coming as her response to the former country sweetheart's 'Bad Blood' single.

AceShowbiz - Katy Perry is reportedly planning to release a diss track aimed at Taylor Swift as a response to the latter's "Bad Blood" which is widely believed to be about their feud. According to a recent report by The Sun, the 30-year-old diva has enlisted Diplo for the song called "Crocodile Tears".

"Katy knew Diplo would be just the man to produce 'Crocodile Tears' for her and has now registered it," a source allegedly told the outlet. "So far she's been very restrained with what she's said about Taylor in public but is now ready to put her side across via the song - which is all about being fake."

The source's not sure if the song will make the cut for Perry's next album or not, but the singer is said to be "keen for fans to hear it."

Fans learned of Swift and Perry's feud last year after the former said in a Rolling Stone interview that her "Bad Blood" was about a fellow female entertainer who tried to sabotage her tour by stealing her dancers. The 25-year-old songbird refused to specifically name anyone, but everyone believes she's talking about Perry.

Currently, it's still unclear whether or not "Crocodile Tears" really exists. However, a source has told Gossip Cop that Swift won't be too affected if it does. "Her life is good... She can't be bothered by stuff like that," said the source.

"Taylor focuses on all the things that she's grateful for and what she can do for others," the source added. "The rest [of it], the gossip... she doesn.t pay attention to it... It's time wasted that can be spent of doing positive things."

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