Mila Kunis Confirms Marriage to Ashton Kutcher

The 'Jupiter Ascending' actress repeatedly calls her baby daddy 'husband' while discussing their private life in a new interview.

AceShowbiz - Mila Kunis confirms that she has tied the knot with Ashton Kutcher. The "Jupiter Ascending" actress calls the "Two and a Half Men" actor her "husband" during a new interview with The Telegraph's Luxury magazine.

"My husband is an incredibly hands-on dad," she says. "When my child was born, I was breast-feeding and he said, 'That's your connection. I want to change every diaper.' When we're in public, if it's a pee-pee diaper, you can change her at the table, but if it's a poo-poo diaper, you don't want to affect the people eating. So he's like, 'Err, I guess I'm going to the ladies' room to do it.' "

Kutcher indeed has been passionate about dad's rights to have changing tables in men's restrooms. "The source of my ire is solely directed upon the businesses that consciously decide to install changing tables in women's restrooms, but not in the men's restrooms (and have no Family restrooms, either). They're fine with young children visiting their establishments, but if they soil themselves, there better be a woman around to take care of it," he lamented in Facebook earlier this year.

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Wyatt, in October 2014. For their family protection, Kunis admits to The Telegraph that they keep a gun at their home. "I will say this: we have a gun at the house. But would I give it to my daughter as a gift at 15? No," she explains. "I can take a gun apart and put it back together blindfolded."

"My child shouldn't be as well trained as us, nor should she know there is a weapon in the house - ever," the new mom adds. "But I respect the gun. My husband grew up in Iowa, and is from a hunting family. He's worked with rifles his whole life." She continues, "I probably wouldn't have the gun if I didn't have stalkers or people constantly trying to break into my house."

Just recently, her stalker escaped from a mental health facility but he was recaptured by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. Meanwhile, she learnt how to use guns while preparing for her roles in the movies "Max Payne" and "Jupiter Ascending".

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