Laura Prepon May Have Ended Speculation on 'Orange Is the New Black' Cliffhanger

The actress recently tweeted a picture from the set of the fourth season, revealing her character Alex Vause's fate on the show.

AceShowbiz - %cLaura Prepon% may have just dropped a big "Orange Is the New Black" spoiler. On Tuesday, June 23, the actress took to her Instagram to post a picture that could possibly end speculation on her character's fate following the cliffhanger in season 3 finale.

The Alex Vause depicter shared [SPOILER ALERT!] a picture of her on the set of the show's season 4. "Glasses Eyeliner Badge ...excited to get out there and make an awesome season for you guys!" she captioned it, hinting that she would return for the upcoming season of the Netflix hit comedy.

As fans have known, in the season 3 finale, Alex encountered one of her enemies, Aydin who posed as a CO for Litchfield, in the greenhouse. While the episode ended without seeing Aydin making any threatening movements, there has been a debate about whether or not Alex was killed off at the end of the last season.

The third season of "OITNB" also leaves another character's fate on the bubble. %cNatasha Lyonne%'s Nicky Nichols was last seen being sent to the maximum security facility after hiding drugs in the electrical office in episode three. The character wasn't featured in subsequent episodes and the actress' name even disappeared from the opening credits for the rest of the season, leading to speculation that Lyonne may not return as series regular for season 4.

The question, however, remains unanswered as of now.

The fourth season is expected to be released in summer 2016.

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