Kim Kardashian's NPR Appearance Dismays Listeners

One of NPR listeners writes, 'Don't tell me that Kim Kardashian has invaded the NPR air waves!! SO disappointed!' after the reality TV star took quiz about Kim Jong Un in the radio program.

AceShowbiz - %cKim Kardashian% visited the "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" show on Saturday, June 13, and got an epic quiz about Kim Jong Un. However, many NPR seemed unhappy with her appearance in the show and took to the website to express their disappointment.

During the show, Kim took a quiz, namely "Keeping Up With Kim Jong Kardashian", in which she had to answer three questions about Kim Jong Un. Before she began the quiz, host Mike Pesca said, "So you are the most famous Kim in pretty much every country in the world except North Korea." Kim replied, "And that is fine with me."

The first question was about a pamphlet released by Kim Jong Un in February with 300 new slogans for North Korea. Kardashian was unable to make a correct guess which one among three choices she was given was one of those slogans. She defended herself, "I don't even know what that means."

The reality TV star nearly made an incorrect guess for the second question which was about Kim Jong Il's nickname. However, %cKanye West%'s wife made her perfect guess for the third question. The question was about the new law set by Kim Jong Un for all male students. One of the choices given was "they had to change their name to either Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall or Kylie Jung Un" which Kim found hilarious and incorrect.

Besides taking the quiz, Kim also talked about her second child and her Selfish book. She said that the idea of naming her second child "South" was a stupid idea.

Though the talk ran smoothly, it appeared that many NPR listeners were dismayed with the 34-year-old star's appearance in that radio program. They flooded the comment section of the website with some harsh words about the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star. Most of them were disappointed by the radio's decision to put her as the guest. A user, Nancy Brooks , wrote, "Wait, wait...Don't tell me that Kim Kardashian has invaded the NPR air waves!! SO disappointed! NPR is my sanctuary and now it has been sullied by the vapid KK. Please, keep the bar high NPR, even if it is just a game show." User Dawn T wrote, "I never miss WWDTM -until this week. I cannot bring myself to listen & seriously, shame on all of you at WWDTM for allowing this vapid, vacuous waste of space more media time."

Having the same opinion, user Jared Berezin wrote, "Just disappointed in Wait Wait for having the interview. I love this show and listen to it every week, but I was disappointed in them for putting her on the radio." User Kathy Hand replied to his comment, "Not only that, but she was on for too long." Another user, A.F. Kaplan, commented, "Why is NPR wasting space on its website for a story like this?"

Some users even questioned Kim's knowledge about North Korea. A comment from user Pepe Martinez read, "Can she find Korea on a map?", which was replied by user LadyLily, "First, you will have to explain what a map is to her."

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