Melissa Rivers Explains Decision to Take Mom Joan Rivers Off Life Support

The 'Fashion Police' producer says that her mother 'had a living will and an advance directive that was very specific.'

AceShowbiz - Melissa Rivers opens up on her decision to remove her mother Joan Rivers from life support last year. The daughter said it was "the right decision" to make after the "Fashion Police" host had been on life support for a week following a throat surgery gone wrong.

"She had a living will and an advance directive that was very specific," Melissa explained to AARP magazine. "My mother's definition of quality of life was having all her faculties and being able to go on stage for one hour and, here was the kicker, be funny. As hard as it was, I knew the right decision."

Of the grieving process, she said, "You miss even the sh******* things: I miss when she'd come in and rearrange my furniture and tell me how I ran my house wrong and criticize everything. I miss the criticism! I'm still in that phase. I was part of a comedy team. I was the straight man. And now I'm a solo act. That's the hard part. I'm trying to find my voice."

"When one parent dies, it's a comma. When the second parent dies, it's a period," Melissa said. She is the only child of Joan and Edgar Rosenberg who passed away in 1987.

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