'Mad Men' Sends Don Draper Off With Smile in Series Finale

Some see bright futures and some have sad endings in the series finale which creator Matthew Weiner described as being 'true to the show.'

AceShowbiz - Don Draper and Co. signed off the screen for good as "Mad Men" reached its series finale on Sunday, May 17. Some had happy endings, while some others were sad as Don's search for happiness was over.

In the episode called "Person to Person", [SPOILER ALERT!] Sally broke the news to Don about Betty's cancer. Betty wanted the boys to live with Uncle William and Aunt Judy, but Sally asked Don to convince Betty to let them live with Henry.

Don called Betty and told her that the boys could stay with him, but Betty rejected his idea. She said, "I want to keep things as normal as possible. And you not being here is part of that." Don called her "Birdie" and the two ended up crying.

Roger told Joan he's getting married to Marrie. Joan was later seen having a good time during a vacation with Richard, who wanted her to work on a Dow movie. She called Peggy for a script, but then she came up with an idea of starting their own production company. When Richard asked Joan to choose between him and her business, Richard eventually left her.

Jon, meanwhile, visited Stephanie, Anna Draper's niece, to give Megan's ring which was Anna's. Stephanie asked him to join her for a retreat and introduced him to yoga. "Be open to this. You might feel better," she advised her.

Jon left one morning and called Peggy, who asked him how he's doing. She worried about him and after they hung up, she called Stan who advised her "to let him go. It doesn't mean you stop caring about him." Stan then made a love confession and after a denial, Peggy admitted, "I think I���m in love with you, too. I really do." He quickly ran to her office and they kissed.

Don ended up joining a group therapy. He was later seen doing yoga and smiling. Pete, who left McCann Erickson, got on a private jet with Trudy and Tammy. Joan opened her own company, solo. Betty was still smoking despite her lung cancer while Sally was doing the dishes.

Met at a Q&A event held before the screening of the show finale on Sunday at he Ace Hotel in Downtown L.A., creator Matthew Weiner remained secretive about the ending, but claimed, "It's true to the show."

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