Diddy Doesn't Like Kanye West Interrupting Other Artists at Award Shows

During an appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live', Diddy reveals that he told West he didn't like his antics after the latter nearly crashed Beck's speech at the Grammys earlier this year.

AceShowbiz - P. Diddy is indeed Kanye West's good friend, but it doesn't mean he has to agree with everything his pal does. In a new interview with Andy Cohen during "Watch What Happens Live", the rap mogul admitted he didn't like West's behavior at the Grammys earlier this year. He also revealed he had a talk with Kim Kardashian's husband following the incident.

As everyone knows, West nearly crashed Beck's speech after the latter's "Morning Phase" was announced as the winner in the coveted Album of the Year category. He did let the 44-year-old musician finish his speech, but he said in an interview after the show that Beck should've given the award to Beyonce Knowles.

That wasn't West's first time to have interrupted another artist's acceptance speech. Back in 2009, he ran onstage during MTV Video Music Awards when Taylor Swift won the Best Female Video title. He then told the crowd that the award should've gone to Beyonce.

In the chat with Cohen, Diddy said that because they were friends, he felt the need to tell West that he didn't like his antics. "I spoke to Kanye, I don't like it," the 45-year-old rapper explained. "I feel like you have to be real and tell the truth and Kanye's one of my friends, like when he did the Beck thing he was really sorry but I think what he's sayin', I think that's what he believes."

"I just think that everybody's doing their best at whatever they doing," he added. "If somebody wins something, no matter what, it's their moment."

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