Video: Danny Brown Stops Concert, Walks Offstage After Getting Hit With a Glass of Water

The rapper refuses to return to the stage to resume his performance and he also says he 'would never play Glasgow again' following the incident happening during his show in the city.

AceShowbiz - Danny Brown ended his concert early after a disrespectful fan messed with him. The rapper was in the middle of performing a song for the crowd at SWG3 in Glasgow over the weekend when someone in the audience pelted him with a glass of water.

The incident was filmed by a concertgoer who later shared the video on YouTube. In the 18-second clip, Brown was visibly pissed after his T-shirt got wet. He slammed the microphone and stormed off the stage without saying anything.

Brown reportedly only performed several songs before the incident happened. The crowd cheered, begging him to return and continue his set. The star, however, refused to go back onstage and immediately left the venue instead.

According to a report by Glasgow's Evening Times, the culprit was a "white, male and in his early to mid-twenties." After throwing a glass of water at Brown, he was escorted out of the building by security staff. The site also reported that Brown was super mad as he stated he "would never play Glasgow again."

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