'The Vampire Diaries' Prepares Fans for Jeremy's Farewell in New Promo

The video takes a look back at events in Jeremy's life since the beginning of the show leading to his impending departure.

AceShowbiz - "The Vampire Diaries" has released a new trailer dedicated to Steven R. McQueen's Jeremy prior to his impending farewell. The video includes old scenes featuring Elena's younger brother since the beginning of the show as well as an emotional moment where he and his sister say goodbye. "I'm ready to move on," he says.

McQueen leaves the show as a series regular after more than five years in the upcoming 14th episode of season 6 set to air Thursday, February 12. Instead of being killed off, the character will be seen leaving Mystic Falls to start a new, normal life.

"I wouldn't dare kill Jeremy; I think that would be all forms of cruelty," showrunner Julie Plec said last month. "But I do think that he's a man now, he's not a little kid anymore and he's got to live his life. It's time for him to get started doing that."

Katerina Graham, who plays Jeremy's girlfriend Bonnie, recently dished on whether her character would make it back in time before Jeremy leaves. "I can't say that Bonnie ever really has closure with anyone, you know what I mean?" she told E! News. "She kind of just ups and leaves and does her own thing whenever she wants to [laughs]. But, I will say that it definitely does get addressed. I won't say that it doesn't."

The actress went on revealing that the cast played a prank on McQueen on his last day shooting on the show. "We jumped out and surprised him while he was shooting his scene and it was super fun. I mean, it felt like a celebration of such a great, momentous moment, a culmination of all these years that we had all spent together with him. And he was somebody who always brought such silliness and young fun energy to the set. He will be deeply missed," she shared.

"The Vampire Diaries" airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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