Kristen Wiig Buys TV Show in 'Welcome to Me' Trailer

Wiig, who plays an unstable, off-medication woman in the comedy, buys her own talk show after winning lottery in the first trailer.

AceShowbiz - Kristen Wiig plays an unstable woman in a new comedy "Welcome to Me". In the movie, which also features an appearance from James Marsden, Wiig's character Alice Klieg is obsessed with Oprah Winfrey's talk show and she knows every word the host says.

The trailer starts with Alice sitting in her therapist's office during a session, but she thinks they are having a staring contest. One day, Alice wins lottery and she uses the money to buy her own weird-looking TV show. "What would you do Alice?" her doctor asks, to which she replies, "Something big."

Midway through the video, Alice can be seen entering the stage riding a swan boar. She later accidentally pours some cooking onto herself onstage and has a meltdown.

In addition to Marsden and Wiig, the comedy stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Robbins, Wes Bentley and Joan Cusack among others. It currently has no release date.

Wiig recently was announced to be one of the cast members of the untitled Ghostbusters reboot. Set for release on July 22, 2016, the movie also features Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon as the Ghostbusters team members.

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