Charlotte McKinney Walking 'Naked' in New Carl's Jr. Super Bowl Ad

In the commercial, the 22-year-old model's assets are hidden from view by some strategically placed fruits and vegetables as she strolls around the market.

AceShowbiz - Carl's Jr. has released its new and racy Super Bowl commercial featuring model Charlotte McKinney, who is dubbed the next Kate Upton. In the advert, the Guess model walks seemingly "naked" around the market as she promotes the chain's new All-Natural Burger.

In the beginning of the clip, Charlotte shows off her cleavage and makes a man who is spraying water lose control of his water hose. "I love going all natural," the sexy model says. The scene then shows the back side of the model with her butt strategically covered with two tomatoes. "It just makes me feel better," she adds.

At one point, Charlotte stands in front of a fruit weighing scale with two melons strategically placed in front of her breasts. She says, "Nothing between me and my 100 percent, all-natural, juicy, grass-fed beef."

The clip then reveals Charlotte wearing a bikini top and white shorts, carrying a giant burger with some of the men in the market staring at her.

Charlotte joins Carl's Jr. former model including Kate, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum.

The racy commercial has received backlash from some Twitter users. A user wrote, "Just saw a preview of Carl's Jr. commercial for Super Bowl. Now I need a cigarette." Another user tweeted, "Setting feminism back four decades."

However, AdWeek editor Lisa Granatstein told "Good Morning America" that Carl's Jr. is giving its male consumers what they want. "I think everyone knows what Carl's Jr. is all about," Lisa said, "Those ads aren't going after women, they're going after men. They are not afraid of the controversy. The more controversy the better."

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