George and Amal Clooney's Rep Denies '$200 Million Divorce' Rumor

The couple was rumored getting a '$200 million divorce' because their marriage was 'beset with jealousy, arguments and other relationship-wrecking behavior.'

AceShowbiz - A representative for George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney has addressed rumor made by InTouch that the couple was getting a "$200 million divorce." Stan Rosenfield told RumorFix, "This story is totally made up in order to sell their magazines."

An alleged source told InTouch that George and Amal's marriage was "beset with jealousy, arguments and other relationship-wrecking behavior." The tabloid claimed, "Amal's disdain for Hollywood and many of George's pals, her increasingly diva-like behavior, as well as fights over starting a family, have friends convinced it's all gone wrong for the couple."

A so-called insider said, "I think they'll divorce. There's no way it can last. And it's going to be very expensive for George."

George was reportedly embarrassed with Amal's behavior during the Golden Globes because not only she did talk during his big moment but also "she was giving judgmental looks to some pretty big names there." A friend told the site, "He's trying hard. But behind the scenes, he and Amal are fighting."

Another source said, "Amal is extremely bossy and arrogant. She's just not much fun to be around," adding that the human rights lawyer's "sudden international fame has gone to her head. Amal believes she's the most famous woman in the world and acts like royalty wherever she goes."

InTouch reported that George and Amal planned to adopt or have a baby within the first year of their marriage. "But it seems like Amal is changing that deal now," the tabloid claimed, "She is all about her career; having a baby would ruin that right now. She's enjoying the fame and wants to wait, and it's causing a lot of tension because George wants kids now. It was part of why they got married so soon."

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