PTC Brands 'Sons of Anarchy' the Worst Show From Morality Standpoint

The group president Tim Winter is also concerned about 'Stalker' that he deems 'very dark, very graphically explicit,' but regrets protesting 'Jane the Virgin'.

AceShowbiz - The Parents Television Council has been keeping an eye on television programmings throughout the year and often made comments on their contents. Nearing the end of the year, the group gave an overall review of some TV shows that they deem inappropriate for kids.

"Certainly the word 'morality' is present with what we do, but we base most of our work on what science says is harmful to kids, and what is certainly offensive to a lot of families," PTC president Tim Winter told EW about the worst shows on television from a morality standpoint. "We're very concerned about 'Stalker'. It's a show that's very dark, very graphically explicit. When you go over to the cable side, a show like 'Sons of Anarchy'...At least it's rated appropriately as TV-MA."

Asked why PTC protested sex montage on "SOA" while in the same episode there's a violent scene, Winter explained, "They're both harmful. The scientific evidence talks about sexual content and how it affects young children, especially the violence. We talked about the sex scene on 'Sons of Anarchy' because it was groundbreaking in terms of the entire platform of basic cable. The sex montage was the most explicit scene we'd ever seen on basic cable. But we absolutely condemn the explicit violence as well. We don't have the same leverage as we do on the broadcast side with the sexual content and the profanity because of the way the law is written."

Winter also took issue with VH1's "Dating Naked", which airs "at all times of the day" and is "rated as appropriate for 14-year-old children." He said, "I don't know about you, but that's not okay for my teenagers to see that," and wasn't happy that these shows were included in the cable bundle that they paid for.

"Dancing with the Stars", "The Voice" and "The Middle" are some family-friendly shows that the group supports. "There's not a whole lot these days that we consider really a green-light program," Winter said.

As for TV show that they regret protesting, Winter revealed, "I would say 'Jane the Virgin' on The CW. We saw the first episode and we were concerned, and we put out a warning saying, 'Hey, be careful, parents.' Subsequent episodes has been pleasantly surprising in terms of its relative cleanness and good messaging. We might have jumped a little too quickly on that one based on just the first episode... We're still kind of watching it to see how it unfolds."

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