Video: Jim Carrey Gets Roasted on 'Saturday Night Live'

The 'SNL' cast members impersonate Jim Carrey, while he mocks Matthew McConaughey and dresses up as the devil version of Elvis Presley.

AceShowbiz - Jim Carrey was roasted when he hosted "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend. In a "Carrey Family Reunion" skit, the cast dressed up like his famous characters in movies like "Ace Venture", "Mask", and "Cable Guy". Jeff Daniels, his co-star in the upcoming "Dumb and Dumber To", also made a brief appearance as "grandpa Lloyd."

Earlier on the variety show, Carrey channeled his inner Elvis Presley while delivering his monologue. The comedian dressed up as the King of Rock & Roll in a red ensemble complete with horns. The result was an alter ego that he called "Helvis." The funnyman also managed to show off his singing skills during the opening segment.

In one of his sketches, Carrey mocked Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln ad. Sitting behind the wheels just like the Oscar winner, he said, "You don't buy a Lincoln because it makes sense, you buy it because you love it or your an Uber driver." At one point, he rubbed his fingers together like McConaughey did in the car ad. He said he's going to "throw this booger out of the window. Feels good, like a tiny little tennis ball."

Musical guest for the night was Iggy Azalea. It marked the third time Carrey hosted "SNL". He previously served as an emcee in 1996 with Soundgarden as the performer and then returned as a host in 2011 with The Black Keys as the musical guest.

"Carrey Family Reunion":


Lincoln Ad Parody:

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