'Scandal' 4.05 Preview: Olivia Can't Save Jake

Olivia's attempts to find out what happens to Jake fail as no one wants to help her.

AceShowbiz - Jake is framed for a murder on "Scandal". Following Tom's false confession in the most recent episode, Jake is taken into custody by the Secret Service. When the show returns next week, Olivia is left wondering what happens to her lover as no one can or want to help her. Even the president hangs up on her.

Titled "The Key", the new episode airs Thursday, October 23 at 9/8c on ABC. According to the official synopsis, "Olivia and the team continue to investigate Catherine's case, but Olivia is distracted when Jake stops returning her calls."

"Meanwhile, Cyrus falls deeper into the rabbit hole with Michael, David realizes what it's like to finally be a winner in DC and Fitz seeks answers to Jerry's death."

"Scandal" 4.05 Preview:

"Scandal" 4.05 Clip:

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