Comic-Con: 'True Blood' Cast Bids Farewell to Fans, Tara Will Return

Comic-Con: 'True Blood' Cast Bids Farewell to Fans, Tara Will Return

Kristin Bauer chokes up as she recalls her final day working on the show, while executive producer Brian Buckner teases a possible Bill and Sookie reunion.
"True Blood" cast took a final bow at San Diego Comic-Con as the show is nearing its end. Stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Deborah Ann Woll, Carrie Preston, Anna Camp, Nelsan Ellis, Chris Bauer, Kristin Bauer and Nathan Parsons as well as executive producer Brian Buckner were present to bid emotional farewell to fans.

Bauer cried several times during the show's final Comic-Con panel, including when she recalled her "last day at Fangtasia." She continued with teary eyes, "I've been crying for a year about when that day would come. With [Alexander Skarsgard], that's the most significant relationship for me and for Pam. I thought he would be rock solid and sweet, but when I saw him crack ... I was like, 'Oh no.' "

"I knew I was going to see everyone here [at Comic-Con], but saying goodbye to that lot was really tough," added Moyer, who had been counting how many times Bauer choked up that day. Preston chimed in, "We were in each other's arms and mourning, but celebrating also."

Wesley who plays Tara shared, "My last day was weird. I did my last close-up for the night and ... it was over. I walked to the side and (co-star Adina Porter) came running up to me and she grabbed me. We hugged for five or 10 minutes and cried. ... It was beautiful and sad and on to new things."

Buckner quickly noted that "people have not seen the last of Rutina yet. You have not seen her last day yet," hinting at the late character's return which is teased in a promo for the weeks ahead debuted during the panel.

The video also hints at a Bill and Sookie reunion as the two are seen making out. Asked whether Bill and Sookie would end up as a couple, Buckner coyly replied, "This season had to be about Bill and Sookie. It's not going to be exactly what you think it is, but this show started out and worked because of the chemistry they shared... I certainly felt that we had to come back to Bill and Sookie; how we're coming back to them, we're not telling you."

"It's not done changing. It's not gonna slow down any; there's just a bit more focus on romance," he continued. "We put last season's issue to rest early on purpose. We know you love these characters so we landed them in a place where we hope you guys will be okay not with getting them anymore."

Sam and Arlene, meanwhile, may get a happy ending. Trammell said of Sam's relationship with Nicole, "We'll see how committed I am to her and how committed she is to staying." Preston teased that Arlene and Keith would get closer as saying, "Maybe there's some stuff coming up between Arlene and Keith that I've never had to do on camera before."

As for Sarah Newlin's fate, Camp and Bucker didn't reveal it but they agreed that she would get what she deserved.

"True Blood" seventh and final season airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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