'The Bachelorette' Fantasy Suite Dates Recap: Andi Dorfman Cuts One Guy Early

Andi picks her final two guys while one suitor doesn't get to spend a night with the Bachelorette as he is sent home in the middle of his date.

AceShowbiz - It's down to two on "The Bachelorette" season 10. In the latest episode set in the Dominican Republic airing on Monday, July 14, %cAndi Dorfman% had the fantasy suite cards, but whether she would use them for all three remaining guys was the question.

Andi first noted how the three guys were different to each other. Josh's "outgoing", "lively," "funny, "self-deprecating," she said. She called Chris "a total-package kind of guy," and described Nick as being "shy and a little skeptical," "sweet and affectionate, smart and serious."

For the first overnight date, Andi and Nick were whisked away by helicopter to a private island. They soaked in the water and made out. "We have an incredible intensity. We just fit," Nick claimed.

Nick struggled to tell her he loved her, but later in the night he read a fairytale about him to express his feelings for her. "It was kind of childish in a really cute, fun way," Andi commented. She then offered him the fantasy suite card and he's excited about "talking your ear off for the entire night." He finally said, "I love you, Andi."

The next date was with Josh. They wandered around the town, danced to a local band, and played baseball with some children. During a conversation on a bench, Josh told Andi, "I love you," and didn't care that she could not say anything back. "I'm going to let you know, and that's how it is," he added.

Andi's only worry about Josh was whether he could be a "serious guy." They talked about kids during dinner and she offered him the fantasy suite invitation. "I mean, yeah, this is definitely for me a good chance to see is this really going to work," she said. They dipped in the pool and kissed a lot.

For the date with Chris, they went to a ranch. Andi confessed, "It's a huge make or break date for Chris and I," as she's unsure about spending the night with him. Chris, on the contrary, said, "Every day I fall more in love with Andi."

They went horseback riding and had a picnic. They decided to play Ghosts in the Graveyard and Andi easily found him in a bush. They kissed on the field, but Andi was still not sure about spending the night together.

During dinner, she admitted that she couldn't see herself moving to Iowa. Chris kept trying to convince Andi that he's in love with her, but she tearfully said, "I don't think that it's fair to make you sit here for days and wait for a rose ceremony. ... I think I'd rather be honest with you and tell you that I'm trying and trying but it's not there than blame it on Iowa."

Chris was disappointed and sad, but he knew it's time for him to leave. "I'm lucky that you care for me enough to tell me," he said before leaving. To the camera, Chris admitted, "Didn't see that coming. Wasn't what I wanted to hear. ... I'm glad I know. I want to find someone who's excited to be around me every day."

Despite already picking the final two guys, Andi still wanted a rose ceremony because she thought it's "a two-way street." Nick and Josh happily accepted the roses and expressed their confidence that they would be chosen by Andi in the end.

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