'The Bachelorette' Recap: Eric Hill's Dramatic Exit and Andi Dorfman's Secret Admirer

'The Bachelorette' Recap: Eric Hill's Dramatic Exit and Andi Dorfman's Secret Admirer

Andi is upset that Eric accuses her of giving him a 'poker face,' which leads to his elimination and a night without rose ceremony.
"The Bachelorette" returned with a new episode on Monday, June 2 following the first part of the special Sunday night episode. Getting the one-on-one date this time was Dylan, who took steam train ride with Andi Dorfman.

During a dinner date, Dylan shared his sad story about losing both his sister and his brother over the past four years. Andi looked sad as Dylan wiped tears. She gave him a rose, saying, "I have never in my life been so moved."

In a group date, J, Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brian, Patrick and Josh stopped by a basketball court. Andi then brought out five WNBA stars, Swin Cash, Tamika Catchings, Elena Delle Donne, Lindsey Harding and Nneka Ogwumike.

After a practice session, the guys were divided into two teams for a game. The winning team would get a date with Andi. The red team, the Rosebuds, consisting of Brian, Eric, Cody, Marquel and Nick, won, while the white team, or the Five of Hearts, felt "miserable" over their loss.

Andi then had a talk with Eric because she felt their relationship had "stalled." Eric felt the same way, but he eventually opened up about being raised Mormon and leaving the church. Andi said she felt "better" after the talk and "the spark is reignited. We're back on track."

Andi also had some alone time with Brian, but he didn't kiss her. "I froze up!" he admitted. Meanwhile, Andi and Nick snuggled on a couch and kissed. Despite the strong physical attraction with Nick, Andi gave the rose to Brian.

Next was the second one-on-one date with Marcus. Andi faced her fear of heights by rappelling down the side of a hotel. Marcus said he's "petrified of heights" but realized that he had to be "the man in the relationship," so he put aside his fear to help Andi off the ledge. He made her focus on her story about her mom instead of looking down at the ground.

Later during a dinner, Marcus revealed that he "shut down for a long time" after an ex-girlfriend left him suddenly, but he's now opening up. They attended a Jon Pardi concert, hugging and kissing on an elevated stage. She gave him a rose.

In a cocktail party, Andi got a letter from a "secret admirer" who expressed his love for her. The guys stole Andi for some alone time and Eric interrupted to talk about their relationship. He felt that they had a "miscommunication" and that she's "not being the real Andi" with him.

"I came to meet a person, not a TV actress," he said, accusing Andi of giving him a "poker face." Andi got mad and was "very taken aback." She explained herself, "Am I comfortable and natural all the time? Not a chance. But do I work my ass off and stay up late so that everyone knows I'm here for them? Yeah, I do. You have no idea what it takes! You have no idea how invested I am. For you to tell me I have a poker face is so offensive."

Andi continued while crying, "There is a part of me that doesn't want to waste another minute of yours. ... You're calling me fake. ... It's insulting me. What am I supposed to do with that?" Eric apologized, but Andi thought they were not going to work so she sent him home.

Andi then met the other guys. "This is not easy for me. I'm exhausted!" she yelled. "I'm trying so hard! I really am. I don't mean to yell at y'all but if you don't think this is real, there is the door."

The night ended without a rose ceremony, but host Chris Harrison announced that Tasos had been eliminated. Andi and Chris also talked about Eric's exit. "It's sad, it's tragic," Andi said. "The last conversation I had with him is not ideally the last conversation I would want to have with somebody. ... I can't have that last conversation with Eric."

Chris added, "Our deepest condolences go to his family and friends. He will be greatly missed."

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