'The Voice' Top 12 Performance Show Marred by Technical Issue

'The Voice' Top 12 Performance Show Marred by Technical Issue

Kristen Merlin stays composed when her mic goes silent midway through her emotional rendition of Sugarland's 'Stay'.
"The Voice" season 6 kicked off its live shows on Monday, April 21 with the Top 12 taking on the stage. In what should be a crucial moment that would determine the contestant's fate, the show experienced some technical glitch.

Kristen Merlin of Team Shakira was midway through her emotional rendition of Sugarland's "Stay" when there was a loud popping voice followed by her microphone going silent. She kept singing as if nothing happened for around 20 seconds before her mic was replaced. She earned a standing ovation for handling the technical difficulty so well as Adam Levine said, "I would have been in a puddle of my own nerves. I would have been crying, my thumb in my mouth - I might have run offstage having a hissy fit."

The technical issue aside, the other 11 singers delivered their best performance in a bid to win viewers' heart and vote. Bria Kelly of Team Usher covered Adele's "Rolling in the Deep". Shakira said she did a great job, but agreed with Adam that it would've been better in a higher key.

Adam's protege Delvin Choice dedicated his performance of The Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody" to his parents, who was going to celebrate their anniversary soon. Blake Shelton and Shakira liked it. Usher said that Delvin turned the song from a painful one to a happy one, while Adam said the rendition gave him "goosebumps."

Shakira picked "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink for Dani Moz. The Colombian songstress said Dani was fantastic, perfect and amazing, but Adam felt like Dani was rushing to get to all the verses.

Audra McLaughlin sang "Angel of the Morning" by Juice Newton. Usher was amazed that she could hold a note so long, while her coach Blake believed she would not be returning to her career as a medical assistant.

T.J. Wilkins delivered a soulful version of John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change". Blake and Shakira had nothing but praise, while his coach Usher told him to maintain his performance like this.

Christina Grimmie did Katy Perry's "Dark Horse". Coach Adam said during rehearsals, "She has the ability to become a huge pop star." She didn't disappoint the Maroon 5 vocalist as he said after her performance, "I continue to be more and more impressed and surprised by what you're capable of."

Sisaundra Lewis of Team Blake killed "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" by Elton John. Usher gushed, "Every time you just blow everybody's socks off, it's crazy," and compared her voice to that of Patti LaBelle.

Adam's third and last finalist Kat Perkins rocked the stage with her performance of "Magic Man" by Heart. Her coach praised her, "I might have well been watching the VMAs or something - it was so yours, it belonged to you," while Blake declared, "You're a rock star!"

Blake was so proud of his protege Jake Worthington that he gave him a standing ovation following his rendition of "Anymore" by Travis Tritt. "You nailed it dude," Blake told the 17-year-old country music singer.

Tess Boyer, the last performer from Team Shakira, belted out "I'll Be There for You" by Bon Jovi. Blake thought she's the best singer on Team Shakira.

Blake later said Josh Kaufman was "the guy to beat on Team Usher" following his renditon of "Stay with Me" by Sam Smith. "You have completely made this my night," Usher said, looking pleased. Josh's former coach Adam said he felt "stupid" for letting Josh go.

On Tuesday, two of those performers will be sent home.

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